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I would like to thank you for the job that you did at our reception. It was awesome. This was a very special day for Helen and I, and it could not have been made a memorable without your help. Thank you very much, everything was wonderful!!! - Ashley Huffman and Helen Kessler-Huffman

Ohh my gosh you and Ashley are so gorgeous. I had such a great time. y is it that in every picture Santa bears in the background; almost. I love u both.. miss ya.. see ya soon.. two weeks big day for me-- well sort of:).. - jenny wenny-=" the dancing queen"

Dude these pics. are freakin HA-larious!!! - Shelby Marie Kessler !!!!!!

Had a great time as you can see from the pics.... Love ya'l - Ivette

great pictures! =) - Nanoh

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