We just returned from our honeymoon - yay! We did get a chance to look at the pictures you posted online before we left, and they were great. Thanks for capturing my brother in his thong, I think you were the only one to get that believe it or not. So sorry to hear about your loss of voice - but sweet tea will cure anything that ails you :)Your dj services were wonderful, we received many compliments! If there is anything you would like us to fill out or any referrals or anything let us know, we would be happy to help you book other functions. Thanks a million - Mr. and Mrs. Goble

PRETTY MUCH....The most fun I've EVER had at a Wedding!! The DJ was GREAT!! and MY Daughter and New Son-In-Law,made a beautiful couple! Not to mention my son JAYE, was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! -Ma Biniecki