Why Choose Sound Horizons
The DJ Service is your Entertainment for the evening
Everyone wants their wedding to be enjoyed by their guests.
Having quality DJ's with the right music selection to keep the dance floor alive and the ceremony's events fun is key to a fun-filled evening.
Your wedding is a celebration and we treat is as on. You'll be surprised how many people are still dancing at midnight!
The DJ Service provides the Master of Ceremonies for your reception
The MC handles all the key points to your reception
Formal introductions
Toast and Grace
Bridal Dances, Garter Removal & Bouquet Toss
Special Announcements
And most importantly...the entertainment for your special night
The DJ Service coordinates all the events of the reception
Your MC will make sure all the events mentioned above take place in an appropriate time frame.
The MC will coordinate with your professional photographers, catering staff, and other vendors to make sure all parties are prepared for the evening's activities.


Here are some more details you should keep in mind when hiring Sound Horizons DJ Productions.
Mc Host
When you hire Sound Horizons you're hiring the owners. That means an owner of the company, either Brad or Tim, will be hosting (MCing) your event. This ensures quality to remain at it's best! We will help you personally plan your evening with our specialty designed Spec Sheet and create a timeline specific to your event. We do not hire part-time employees to host our events. We want your night to be special just as much as you do, and we will NOT send someone else to make sure that happens.
Our service includes a consultation meeting to outline your event to make sure everything is covered from the minute you arrive at the hall to the minute you leave. Our specialized Spec Sheet will walk you through the steps you need to start planning your special night. The information is gathered a minimum of one month prior to your reception so that we can prepare note cards and go over any details with you. During this meeting we will go over the name pronunciations and songs picked for the night.
We limit the amount of receptions we as a company will host in a given month to enable our attention to detail to remain at it's best. How many companies do you know that would turn down events to make your booking our main concern? Click here to obtain a price quote.
Musical Selection
We offer an extensive musical catalog, ranging from your favorite oldies to the newest billboard hits. We subscribe to many music clubs, which allows us to stay up-to-date with all of the new hit songs. How many weddings have you been to where the DJ is stuck in the 80's and 90's? Not us!! If you're hearing it on the radio now, we have it in our collection. All of our song listings are saved in a spreadsheet for fast and easy song & artist searches.
Our prices are event specific. We have a flat fee but often deviate from it depending upon a variety of factors such as time of the year, location of the event, size of the event, type of event, and referrals. Fill out one of our Price Quote Requests and we will get back with you soon with a price quote.



When companies state they have 25 years of experience, does it actually mean that the DJ/MC showing up at your event has 25 years experience? The company may have started in the 1970's but the MC they hire may not have any or little experience. Keep one thing in mind when you hire Sound Horizons. Our company is owner-operated! Brad and Tim started this company in 2001 and haven't missed one event since! Our reputation and referrals have kept us in business for this long and we're not going to count on someone else screwing that up for us! That's why we'll be at your event.
The more events a company has the more small details it has to overlook. Remember the employees for a large DJ company typically work 1-2 days per weekend. Having an enormous amount of details takes time to organize and prepare which increases overhead. You will either pay for this with more out of pocket costs or receive lower quality (non-trained) MC/DJ's. You should make sure that you consider the size and the attention to detail you DJ will be able to offer to you. Sound Horizons limits the amount of events we host in a given month to enable our attention to remain at it's best.
Sometimes! Some companies charge high service fees to offer experienced MC/DJ's or top notch equipment. However, larger companies have a large overhead due to advertising costs, employees, facility space etc. Just because one company cost more than another do not assume they're better. Sound Horizons only paid advertisement is the website you're looking at now. Our advertisement since 2001 hs been our referrals. We have statistically found that 90% of our continued success in this business have been though referrals so we know we're doing something right! Click here to read our Recent Feedback and you will see why!