Thank you for visiting my web page.  My name is Tim, I’ve been DJing/MCing in Southeastern Michigan since 1997.  My music collection ranges from the classic oldies to the newest billboard hits, including music for all ages, and all personalities.

My experience hosting wedding receptions thus far has been excellent; I can honestly say that I have never hosted a reception that I did not enjoy attending.  Hosting receptions gives us the opportunity to meet a variety of people and celebrate their day along with them. I am glad to say that despite my experience, every reception remains unique from the décor of the hall to the speech of the best man. I honestly believe I enjoy myself as much as any other guest.

As I am a very detail oriented person, I host only three receptions per month, in order to be properly prepared for each.  With the information provided, I make every effort to alter my style of speech and the musical format to meet the expectations of the evening’s newlyweds.   My goal is to keep all events running smoothly and keep the dance floor alive for the newlyweds and their guests to enjoy.  I enjoy being the conduit behind the sound system, which keeps the crowd entertained, and the dance floor moving.

Aside from hosting receptions and parties, I have DJ’d at several local dance clubs during the off season months, and still do from time to time. I am a graduate of highest distinction from University of Michigan’s School of Business and of Henry Ford Community College. I have held various management positions while working through school, and I am currently employed with a commercial bank here in Michigan. 

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