System Diagram
We do not offer various equipment rental packages like most DJ companies in the market do. Instead we offer one package which includes all equipment and services you see below.  Please keep in mind, that most DJ Companies would consider a set-up of this size to be a "premium" or "gold" package, while at Sound Horizons "premium quality" is the norm.  For more information or any questions about our setup, contact us.

Your quoted price will include everything listed below. No hidden charges! What you see is what you get!

arrow 6 Hours of Service (guest arrival time to reception end time) *additional hours can be purchased  
arrow Master of Ceremonies (MC) - This will be Brad or Tim, the owners of the company.  
arrow Pre-reception consultations to organize the entire evening. This includes discussing your contract, formal price quote, information spec sheet, the evening's timeline and the music selection.  
arrow Our lighting set-up includes four motion activated multi-colored fast lights and one slow ball. These are fully motorized and/or digital LED lights that move to the beat of the music. Our lighting provides an array of multi-colored beams and patterns on the dance floor.  
arrow Our sound system consists of two name brand PA speakers and an 18" subwoofer. Unlike most mobile DJ companies which use a pair of powered PA speakers, our system provides deep high quality sound similar to the sound experience of a dance club.  
arrow Extensive music collection featuring oldies to the newest billboard hits.
arrow Your own personal webpage with pictures from your wedding. Click here to see examples.







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